What does it all mean? That’s a fair question, and I would love to be able to pontificate lucidly enough to tell you what it all means. But I can’t. I talk a lot – it’s a long suit of mine, but I’m short on answers to a question as big as that. What does it all mean? I ask myself that question at least once a week, because it’s incredibly important, but I just can’t seem to come up with a permanent answer. I have all sorts of quick little reactions that fit a given individual moment, but they’re like Hershey Kisses – they taste great, but one just isn’t enough.

Each EVP is like a Hershey Kiss as well, and likewise, one is never enough either. That’s such a superficial way to describe something as meaningful as a voice from beyond. I mean, think about the immense significance of such an event. A voice from beyond – good Lord, that’s wicked heavy! We are actually able to hear speech from someone not of this world, and sometimes, the voice is speaking directly to us – as individuals. Not just to all of mankind, because that would be amazing enough to hear a voice from beyond with a message for all mankind. You might even expect something like that in a strange way, but no! It’s a voice speaking to me, for instance, concerning itself with my little life and my insignificant problems, answering what amount to inane questions posed by me – all from an entity who heralds from God knows where.

So, I ask again, what does it all mean? There must be a purpose; some kind of eventual necessity, perhaps; maybe some indication that salvation is nigh. Are these voices actually ghosts? Mankind has been talking about ghosts and spirits since the beginning. As children, we lie awake at night worried about what’s under the bed or in the closet. We drive our parents crazy with the rituals and defense mechanisms we go through each night as we literally wait for an evil menace to figure out a way to beat our defenses and “get us.” God knows what these monsters are supposed to do to us once they “get us,” but it surely must be their main goal – the meaning of their existence. And no amount of common sense is salvo enough to rid us of this irrational fear and trepidation.