I know when they’re here. Sometimes. Its just a feeling I get – like there’s something in the air, I guess. They don’t speak or try to influence me, but I know they are there, and I can’t explain how. Now I realize this sounds a lot like something you might hear from a so-called sensitive, and I’ve already stated in no uncertain terms, several times, that I’m not one of those. I think that perhaps some might suggest where there’s smoke, there’s fire, but I will reiterate – I’m not claiming to be sensitive. That’s not really what I’m talking about anyway. When I say I know when they’re here, it’s sort of the same as when you just know its gonna snow. Oh sure, the weatherman has already told you to expect “several inches sometime tonight,” but even if you didn’t know the forecast, you can feel it in the air. It’s true! Anyone who lives in a cold climate will agree with that statement – most of the time, you can feel the snow getting ready to fall hours before it actually arrives. There’s just something in the air.

That’s how it is. There’s something in the air when they’re here. If you log in enough hours dealing with something paranormal, I am convinced your body and mind will eventually be able to assimilate it. It’s similar to being able to read people you know very well. We’ve all been there - we can tell when certain people in our lives are going to exhibit certain behaviors – they look a certain way, say certain things; their attitude is slightly different than usual… Others may never be able to pick up on it, but when you’re extremely familiar with someone or something, it’s actually easy. And it’s not clairvoyance or anything supernatural; it’s not paranormal and it isn’t some hidden gift – you just know. Probably, you know because your mind remembers the conditions surrounding events – especially those you’ve repeated over and over. We remember. And something in the back of our mind tells us that conditions have changed and something is going to happen.

So, yeah – I know when they are there. I can definitely feel something different. When I walk into the room, there’s something that’s out of the ordinary, and I’ve learned to associate that with EVP. I’m not always right, of course, but then again, maybe I am. They might simply decide to be silent. They might just want me to realize they are there.

Fortunately, silence is rare, so I’ve had lots of chances to associate this “feeling” with productive EVP sessions, and I usually feel confident that there will be voices on recordings I make as a result. Pretty cool, no? I like it, and I tend to rely on it, but I don’t expect results based solely on my feelings. The spirits who make the voices are in charge of whether or not they will be heard, and they’re in charge of letting me know when they are there.