You know, eventually we all have to decide whether certain things in life are truth or illusion. Really? Yep. Let’s take the case of President Obama’s birth certificate, for example. There is ample evidence that he was born a naturalized American citizen and is therefore perfectly qualified to become what, in fact, he is. There is not really any doubt – it is a provable thing. And yet, there are people who don’t believe it. To them, this fact is an illusion – some kind of non-truth that, for them, has somehow managed to hide itself in spite of the evidence. This illusion is a false idea – it appears to be one thing when it is actually another, and everyone who does not see it as truth has been deceived. An illusion.

Sometimes, to continue to believe an illusion is stupid – it seems irritatingly silly and is usually a serious waste of everyone’s time. No amount of deliberation or heated debate will ever change the genuine facts, no matter how many people you can convince. President Obama will always have been born in the United States, and he will always be the 44th President. It’s very cut and dried; a verifiably, air-tight fact. A truth.

With the paranormal, this happens a lot. When evidence is presented, it is often met with disdain and ridicule; the majority of people do not accept the veracity of paranormal evidence. Since the majority view defines the norm by default, the illusion becomes truth, and the truth is labeled as illusion. Kind of hard to explain, but it’s quite possible for truth to not necessarily be accepted as such. Getting someone to accept paranormal evidence sometimes seems as futile as building a sand castle with dry sand. It’s probably not going to happen.

So, hypothetically – if a photo were to surface that revealed a clear and recognizable full-body apparition, it ought to be front page news, right? I am assuming if you’re reading this book, you’re probably one of those “whackos” like me who actually believes in this stuff. So, I think all of us can certainly agree that such a photo – of a real apparition – should be on the front page of every news organization in the world. It’s proof that there’s an afterlife, and that’s about as big as it gets, I would think. Experts will look it over, determine it’s not a hoax, the image will pass all the most rigorous tests that we know of... Headline: Photo of Actual Apparition. Afterlife a Reality!

Right? Isn’t that where such a photo belongs? Or how about one of my EVP voices – “man speaks from the grave – news at 11.” Of course, if you tuned in to that eleven o’clock news broadcast, the anchor would be winking a lot and making a bunch of droll comments spiked with references to Halloween or something equally as frivolous. It wouldn’t be treated like a real story because, evidence or not, society in general is not willing to accept the paranormal as anything other than some kind of illusion.