I’ve been able to record a lot of EVP. This is not something I boast about, or even something I count as a skill. It just so happens that when I turn on my recorder I am able to capture disembodied voices, and by most standards, the quantity and quality of them is fairly high. I have plenty of voices that would not stand up very well to a skeptic’s litmus test as to what is or is not paranormal; voices that are muddy and distant; whispers that sound a lot like someone sighing in the background. I try my best to eliminate those because as far as I’m concerned, if an EVP can be easily “shot down,” then it can’t be evidence, and evidence is what floats my boat. The only EVP I am interested in keeping are those which cannot be explained or attributed to anything earthly.

There’s no reason for me to make the efforts I’ve made to hear these voices if they can’t stand up to debunking. It’s not something I do only because it’s fun. I can think of a hundred things more entertaining than listening over and over to time I just lived. I do this because I believe they are voices from beyond and that the EVP I record will add to the collective body of evidence being gathered worldwide in the paranormal field. And if experts in the field wish to discount all of my EVP save one, then I consider it a success. A solitary piece of irrefutable evidence is a powerful thing, and I would be more than pleased to have contributed in even the smallest way.

That said, I believe I have recorded many voices, and unfortunately, they don’t tell me very much. Certainly nothing about heaven and hell, or how to live my life. They don’t convict or absolve me of my sins, nor do they let me in on little secrets about the great beyond. I have heard there are others whose EVP do all of these things and more, but mine do not. My EVP are just voices. They come in all shapes and sizes; can be soft and almost lost; loud and in your face. They seem to be individuals with personalities, and can be identified as such. I cannot control these voices or manipulate them into performing. They seem to have their own will and therefore do and say pretty much whatever they like. They ask nothing of me and pay absolutely no mind to almost everything I ask of them.

There are others in the field who hear things I cannot hear, and they claim to be able to use this information to lead so-called earthbound souls to the light. They hear entire conversations, receive instructions, and carry out wishes from the other side. My EVP don’t do any of that. And quite honestly, if an EVP told me to do something, it would fall on deaf ears, because I wouldn’t really know whose bidding I’d be doing. I have always seen my role in this whole paranormal thing as limited – as a seeker of knowledge, if you will. I want to learn and discover and further the knowledge base – the lack of which seems to suffocate paranormal discovery. And I think it is my duty to pursue any avenue that reveals truth in this area, but I won’t be doing chores for the spirit world.