I know we’ve all seen enough ghost hunting shows on television to realize that there are many different ways to handle an EVP session. Like most, I have generally used three basic methods. First is the one we’re all most familiar with – the interview, where you ask the questions and hopefully the spirit answers or responds. Second – place the recorder nearby and record what goes on during the interim. And third, hide it somewhere before you even start the session – in your bag, or under a magazine, so that no one is aware that you are recording.

My best results have come from the second method. I like the idea of not asking questions but simply recording life as it goes on – primarily because I think spirits are more interested in watching us, and talking to one another about us, than they are in participating directly with us. Sometimes I even suspect that spirits are a little snobby – prefer not to engage in discourse unless it’s unavoidable or instructive in some way. Of course, you don’t always have a choice. Often you’re the only living soul present, so you have to ask questions. Regardless, it doesn’t matter. I’ve had good responses from all of these methods, and one should use whatever gets the job done – whatever you are most comfortable with at that moment.

Suggesting that there’s only one way to do things – my way, or your way – isn’t very smart. The right way is the one that yields results, so I only have one strict recommendation – never whisper. Most EVP are whispers or something very close – leave the whispering to the spirit. You’re not going to be able to keep secrets from them anyway. Whatever you have to say should be said in a normal voice, and with a consistent attitude as well. You don’t want to be unpleasant and loud one minute and then break out that agreeable “inside” voice a second later. It is my opinion that a consistent, even-keeled approach while recording EVP eliminates obstacles; delivers better results.

We don’t know very much about spirits or how much they understand about the devices and methods we use during a session. Even though a digital recorder might be spectacularly small and quiet, spirits may well know exactly what it is. Personally, I think they’re rather well educated for the most part – they know a lot more about how we chase them down than we think they do, so I would avoid reminding them how supposedly more advanced we are technologically. Just an opinion.