I went into the whole EVP thing without expectations. I didn’t know whether I really wanted to hear anything or not. I thought I did, and the very first time I decided to try was at 2:00 a.m. – sitting alone in the living room with my brand new Sony digital recorder in my hand. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring myself to even make the attempt. I’d bought the recorder two months earlier and kept forgetting to try. Maybe I was putting it off. So, looking back, I may have been apprehensive about the results I might get. I knew that if I did get voices, things would be different from then on, and I don’t think I knew what to do or what to even think.

During those two months, my doorbell started ringing at all times of the day – by itself. There was never anyone there when I went to the door. My front door includes a commanding view of the area, and I would have seen someone pranking or whatever, so I was positive the doorbell was ringing without human initiation. And it very well could have been a short in the circuit or been triggered by a car alarm switch in the neighborhood. Knowing my neighborhood, that was unlikely, so I began to assume that this was, instead, the result of a spirit who decided it wanted my attention. That’s an unwise and probably wrong assumption to make, but I thought perhaps if a spirit wanted to announce his or her presence or make some kind of contact, this would be a good way to do it. Ringing the doorbell at strange hours is bound to get one’s attention, and I took it as an invitation to converse.

But that first EVP session ended without so much as pressing the on button. I obtusely searched for the right words to begin, and the longer I waffled, the dumber I felt. I didn’t want to merely be talking to myself, but I was probably more concerned with the idea of potentially opening a door to the unknown and inviting unwanted evil spirits into my life. So I froze on that first night - long enough to convince myself to go to bed.