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First and most importantly, I am the father of a son and five daughters, so I consider myself a fortunate man. I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and have lived there my entire life except while attending Penn State University and several months in Los Angeles. I have been a photographer, art director, graphic artist, and web designer before discovering EVP. Since that time I have devoted most of my time to the paranormal field through personal EVP research and as a member of an investigation team known as PHPRS (Perry Hall Paranormal Research Society). During that time, I have also penned the books Voices From Forever (2009), and There Is No Silence (2010).

Discovering my first EVP was a rather abrupt, and at first, a very confusing turning point for me. What started out as an experiment proved to be the most eye-opening and profound experience of my life. I am now certain that our feeble attempts to define the afterlife have overwhelmingly missed the mark. Life goes beyond, and there is a vibrant reality that awaits us - a greater continuation of our spirit and our humanity. Death is not the end. It is our inauguration to forever.

EVP have altered and amplified my understanding of the subtle concepts of truth and illusion, and I hope to be able to communicate this through my writings and podcasts. I welcome any and all comments.


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