"I am good."
The building is one of those cinder block, brick facade structures – fairly modern; probably erected in the middle of the last century. There is nothing remarkable about the way it looks, except that it is obviously abandoned and run down. There are two large glass windows and an up-to-date, glass swinging door; one of the front windows is boarded. Other than that, upon first look, it appears to be a building that could have been resurrected if need be. It is one of those structures that dot the rural landscape – something that sits between farms and fields, and this one, which was once a hardware store, had become a restaurant – a seafood place, no less.

It was once probably a place where locals could celebrate a Friday night, or a Mother’s Day dinner for the family. There is nothing that indicates any kind of paranormal activity, and on first glance, it is disappointing from that standpoint. But looks are often deceiving, and ostensibly, we were offered the opportunity to verify a name that another team had captured through EVP. If nothing else, our presence was an opportunity to hone our own team’s investigative techniques, and afforded us the privilege of dealing with a known place of activity.

Our first visit to the restaurant was at night. The founder of our team had been there with one member a few days earlier to check it out, and each of them were able to record a rather high quality EVP without any effort or interview. This piqued everyone’s interest, so we were ready to hit the ground running.

On the inside, things are in much greater disarray, with actual breaks in the roof and broken down internal walls leaving only studs in the majority of the space. A small portion is currently being used as storage space for the owners, but all the kitchen equipment is still in tact, including a walk-in freezer and several floor units. The kitchen itself holds quite a bit of standing water. The initial reconnaissance visit produced the sounds of footsteps through that standing water, which were recorded and could not be explained. But that night, while our leader was searching for the outside source of electricity in order to run wires within, myself and another member decided to venture inside.

Previously, we had determined the place was too small for more than two investigators at once, so the two of us grabbed our flashlights, digital cameras and recorders, and walked into the clammy, dark, mildew-riddled building.
The interior seemed perfectly normal for such a place, expressing a highly unremarkable feel and ambience; while not pleasant, it was not particularly unpleasant either. It did not seem to be haunted – we found none of the imagined creepiness one often manufactures when dealing with a place you already know to be active. And this continued throughout the entire investigation. There were moments when we heard an unexplained noise or two, and the old familiar reactions would kick in – “what was that?” and “was that you?” But nothing lasted very long, and none of the stereotypical things happened.

EMF readings were low and very consistent, and didn’t rise or spike in any portion of the building. We saw no shadows or apparitions, heard nothing that couldn’t be quickly attributed to something perfectly natural; we had no vibes, no impressions, and no feelings. Nothing was even weird.