Paranormal World
This is a paranormal world. Don’t think so? How many people do you know who claim to have seen a UFO? Or think they are psychic? How many people think that Big Foot is a distinct possibility; how many believe in ghosts? I know a lot of people who believe in a lot of really weird stuff, and you can sign me up as well. People who participate in the paranormal field automatically meet others with similar philosophies, so I guess it’s not surprising that the majority of those I meet probably see this as a paranormal world.

But I wonder what the “common man” thinks about such things, since paranormal people are rather atypical. I wanted to take my own survey - nothing too official – certainly no forms to fill out; nothing demanding postage and return-envelopes. Just a sort of conversational, verbal poll, where no one actually knows they’re being interviewed, and since I am a counter (part of my OCD), I started unofficially tabulating the results. There was one stipulation, however – no one involved in the paranormal field would be included in the results – only people I met by accident, clerks at stores, neighbors – just your everyday average normal kind of people. Or so I thought.

Turns out they’re not so normal.  I asked fifty people about these subjects, in a well-disguised surreptitious way, and I have to admit, I was shocked. So let’s get right to it.

When it comes to UFO’s, 37 people either had an encounter of some kind or strongly believed we are being visited. That’s 74 percent! That seems high to me, but maybe I live in some kind of strange UFO friendly town; maybe half the people here are aliens themselves. One person even volunteered that she was “probably abducted by aliens” as a child. When she finished sharing, I smiled, paid for my cigarettes and walked really fast to the car.

Next! “Do you believe in ghosts?” A shocking 41 out of 50 unashamedly admitted that they did indeed believe in our transparent friends from the netherworld. And, in case math is not your strong suit, that would be 82 percent – even higher than the national poll done earlier this year. Reading that poll is what got me started on this whole kick in the first place, even though my survey lacked scientific merit.

But onward and ever forward. It turns out that only 38 percent of respondents believe in Big Foot. Only? If you ask me, that’s a lot of people believing in something that is supported by very little evidence. I’m impressed. I plan on never moving from this neighborhood – the people are so wonderfully delusional and eccentric.

And finally, the fourth and last question - “Do you believe in psychics?” Turns out almost everyone believes in some form of ESP – only three people I talked to were skeptical about psychics, and many people freely admitted that they were themselves somewhat psychic. At least sometimes, anyway. It turns out that there is a psychic person in almost everyone’s family, which is why so many of them are believers. Being involved in the paranormal field, and meeting a lot of so-called sensitive people, I have gotten to know an increasing number of these individuals. I don’t often believe them, but this seems to be a part of us all. If so many of us are truly sensitive – even slightly - then how is it so many of us are poorer than we’d like to be? With all these psychics around, wouldn’t you think more than a couple of them would figure out how to make some serious cash?

But let me repeat - I am shocked.