Be Yourself
Okay. They are eleven dimensions, an infinite number of alternate universes, and no way of knowing whether our EVP come from aliens or someone who doesn’t even exist. So what’s the point then, right? If you think of this larger picture – this cosmic, totally scientific snapshot of absolutely everything, then what is the point? We’ll never know anything for certain in our lifetime, and we’ll have no choice but to play catch-up to whatever the scientists finally discover. There won’t be any reason for us to do any investigating of the paranormal, because all a logically thinking person can do is shrug their shoulders. Skeptics will have a field day with this information because truly, science has no idea what’s going on with the paranormal, so our work becomes worse than crazy – it becomes useless - a waste of time.

We have to pin things down better than we are right now, because there’s no way anyone with credentials should be expected to believe in a bunch of creepy nonsense. Not until we actually know something. But then, on the other side of the coin, show me an alternate universe. Apply particle theory to trans-universal bonding. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I believe in those things and all the possibilities those theories create for paranormal researchers. I think it’s good to look at the bigger picture science is painting for us, and it’s responsible to apply whatever we can to known scientific theories. Civilizations that focus on the macro view of life always miss the bigger picture, and we can’t afford to do that. But we can’t lose sight of the truth that in actuality, paranormal researchers are a step or two ahead of scientists in the first place.

We have evidence – tangible proof; stuff we can hold in our hands, show our friends, discuss at symposiums, and publish in books and magazines. We have recordings of voices that defy any sensible origin; voices that call us by name, discuss what we’re doing, and laugh at our foibles. As much as I trust that there are eleven dimensions and more universes than there are numbers to assign to them, I haven’t seen or heard an alternate universe. They don’t sneak in my room at night and shake my bed, or throw books off my shelves with alarming accuracy.

I totally believe in the physics of life, but these theories are like definitions, and definitions can be fluid and frequently change. In some ways, apparitions and black shadows; EVP and ITC are more consistently the same, and therefore, more reliable. Yes, there are sub-atomic dimensions we cannot see, but what does it really mean to paranormal people? It must mean something, but we don’t know what; we can’t use these theories in our work – not yet, anyway. On top of all that – even if it is totally plausible that when we die we go to some other universe, so what?

All I know is that I turn on my digital recorder, ask a question, and sometimes I get an answer. I don’t actually have to know where it came from as long as I know where it didn’t come from, and as long as that voice is not traceable to anything of this world, then I have something paranormal.