There’s always been one nagging problem for me when it comes to the paranormal – where are all these phenomena coming from? They’re not living in the darkness – we know that because we can look there and almost every single time, it’s empty. Supernatural beings of any kind certainly don’t live within the walls of our houses and factories, or under the ground in graveyards or in mausoleums. There’s obviously no place in the sky or for that matter, anywhere else I can think of. Nothing is lurking in the deepest part of the ocean, or cowering in the same caves of Gibraltar that finished off the last remaining Neanderthals. So where do all the ghosts, poltergeists, and spirit guides actually live? Transylvania?

Well, most of us in the field have decided spirit existence is an issue of energy more than something innately physical, so you would think that should help us figure out the location of spirit central. I don’t think there are too many people around who would expect to locate the spirit world or the entities within it by means of GPS. Our limited understanding of most things paranormal has become much more ethereally oriented than that. Thank God. The idea that ghosts are basically energy of some kind is sort of a modern concept, and if you ask the average person on the street what they think a spirit is made of, most of them would be in agreement – energy. But that energy has to exist somewhere.

Energy is all around us in obvious ways. We live in a world that thrives on energy in its many forms, not all of which is even visible. Visible or not, the idea of spirit existence is quite accepted by everyone. We no longer live in a world that demands something be noticeable before it can be real. We acknowledge all sorts of things that are hidden from our senses – electrons, DNA, bacteria, and thousands of other things. Electro-magnetic energy, which is often associated with the paranormal, is not something we can routinely and regularly observe actually working in everyday life, but we know it’s there.

We accept just about anything we’re told for the most part. For instance, if physicists tell us they have mathematically proven the existence of tachyons – light particles that travel many times the speed of light – then who are we to question such a thing. It’s not the Middle Ages – society has learned the lesson and advantages of believing that almost everything science portends to be the truth, actually is. We accept scientists for what they are and not as some weirdly anti-religious cult of conjurers and crazy occultists. If a distinguished scientist told me he could turn lead into gold, I might actually believe him, and so might most of us in today’s world.

And it’s obvious why we would believe.  Their track record is pretty damn impressive. Look at the results – that’s always the best way to judge something like this. Science took us to the moon. Mixing eye of newt into a cauldron somewhere couldn’t manage that. Science has cured truckloads of different diseases with hundreds of vaccines. When there is talk of a new strain of the flu, we all look to the scientists to produce a cure. People don’t run down to the witch doctor and order up a potion or slap a rock twenty times with a yam. And I don’t mean to disrespect tribal rituals, or holistic medicine, or even of the cultural remnants of days long gone, but the vast majority of the world is having none of it. Science is King.