Welcome to Mengzhou Qunli Brake Material Co., LTD

Welcome to Mengzhou Qunli Brake Material Co., LTD



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    Address:Silian industrial Zone, Heyang office, Mengzhou City, Henan Province
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About us

Mengzhou Qunli Brake Material Co., Ltd. is located in Silian Industrial Zone, Heyang office, Mengzhou City, Henan Province. Founded in 2001, it is a key enterprise specializing in the production of friction brake materials in China and one of the first units in Henan Province to join the China Friction Materials Association.
The company covers an area of more than 20000 square meters and a construction area of more than 13500 square meters. There are more than 100 employees and total assets of more than 50 million yuan.
The main products of the company include: brake belts for industrial and agricultural machinery, woven brake belts of special materials, friction brake pads series for elevators, friction materials for high-precision electronic machinery, etc., and their quality and performance are at the leading level in China.
Our products are widely used in construction, transportation, mining, shipbuilding, chemical industry, textile, elevator, automation and other mechanical movement fields, and are deeply trusted and praised by domestic and foreign merchants.

Company philosophy: make concerted efforts, pragmatic and innovative
Work together for common development

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Address:Silian Industrial Zone, Heyang Office, Mengzhou City, Henan Province, China

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