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EVP Samples (1)
These new EVP samples represent only a fraction of those captured over the past few years. Most are easy to hear,
but I recommend using headphones or ear buds. Click on the EVP below and the sample will quickly load. For additional samples, click on the arrow.
1  "Something."   13  "Homeward..."   25  "Reckon I should."
2  "You have a date."   14  "Night all."   26  "Here we go."
3  "Your father."   15  "God damn..."   27  "They're just dead..."
4  "Uncle Bill."   16  "Possible friend."   28  "Mom?"
5  "So pretty."   17  "Well what were that?"      
6  "Soaked in vomit..."   18  "Now, Jesus."      
7  "What if she can't read? Um..."   19  "Carrots... Boogers."      
8  "Load half pint cups."   20  "Private..."      
9  "Feel like when they do."   21  "You just think."      
10  "She's back."   22  "One-forty. I can see this."      
11  "It's Pez..."   23  "Try and talk to each other."      
12  "She might call..."   24  "Remember..."      

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