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EVP Samples (2)
These EVP samples represent only a fraction of those captured over the past few years. Most are easy to hear,
but I recommend using headphones or ear buds. Click on the EVP below and the sample will quickly load. Click on the arrow below to return to page 1.
29  "Breathe air."   41  "Can laugh all night."   53  "Call Debra."
30  "Oh well... Shoot!"   42  "Ed Robinson."   54  "Go do omething!"
31  "That's done."   43  "Reverse."   55  "As you do.."
32  "Remembering..."   44  "Look at them."   56  "Her life."
33  "Can you fill in the hole?"   45  "Wow! Got it."      
34  "I have one. It's troubling."   46  "Her beeper."      
35  "Help. Help."   47  "Keep her drop stuff."      
36  "Hey sorry. I said a bad thing."   48  "Mommy. Please."      
37  "Pardon me. We can see this."   49  "Pardon me please.."      
38  "I'm roasted."   50  "We wanna see about now."      
39  "Who's that?"   51  "I understand. Hey."      
40  "Hey, let's take his turn."   52  "We have..."      
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