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The position, friction and efficiency of brake shoe and brake pad are compared

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What's the difference between brake shoes and brake pads? The following small series from position, friction, efficiency, front or back four aspects of analysis as follows.
The main difference between the two different types of brake liners and shoes is their position in the vehicle. The brake shoes are placed on the roller brakes, while the disc brakes are placed on top of the brake shoes, which play a pressurizing role on these discs.
The best reason to use the brake shoe on is that it is made up of material that provides friction to the drum. The pad also has some friction, but little in the shoe. This means that when you need a strong break, the shoe has the best traction and power, while the pad may be slow to stop. Brake pads use pressure to force the disc into the car, so you'll encounter less friction pads than shoes. However, since the pads are also placed under great pressure, you can expect to see these wear down as much as on the car itself.
The efficiency of
Brake shoes are designed to handle a specific friction, wear resistant material. You can also easily find that when the shoe is worn, you will get a weak stop and need more contact on the pedal. This makes it more reliable than a pad without such a clear warning. Replacement pad is relatively simple, and can be managed separately, shoes generally do not need to be replaced often.
Front or back
Despite the many advantages of shoe brakes, when you use drum brakes, you will need to have a rear or four-wheel drive. These brakes cannot be used on the car in front, so if you have a front wheel drive car, where the brakes need to be applied to the car in front, then you will need to have brake pads instead of shoes. Also, you cannot use a combination of the two, so if you have a drum brake vehicle, then you can do without brake pads, and you can also use disc brakes with brake shoes. So part of what your car is able to determine between these two brakes is knowledge of what kind of drive it has.
More brake shoes and brake pads are expected to be shared with users.

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