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Treatment of brake shoes on ordinary roads

Mengzhou Qunli Brake Material Co., LTD  Time:2022-07-12 browse:

Driving on ordinary roads, it is inevitable to encounter brake shoe braking failure, so when you encounter problems, we do not panic, should keep a calm mind to deal with. First of all, to control the direction and quickly put the transmission into a block (then loose the clutch must be fast), at the same time pay attention to observe, if conditions, should change lane to bypass the obstacles in front; If there is no condition, do not force lane change. If you find that the car is not enough to slow down in first gear, you can use continuous pull, let go of the braking method to further reduce the speed.
If is the brake hoof automatic-shift cars, first of all, should consider to change a way to bypass obstacles ahead, if not, you can pull gear lever into the lowest gear (do this while the damage to the automatic transmission is very big, but life is always the first), then continuously, hand brake braking to reduce the speed, can not pull too tight, in case the handbrake brake cord is pulled. When the speed is lower than 30km/h, push the shift lever into neutral, and then pull the hand brake to stop the car. We should also keep a clear head when driving on ordinary roads and pay attention to safe driving. I hope this article can bring you a safety guarantee.

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